$200K Summer Event - CSGORoll

Put on your sunscreen, prepare the duck float and let's see what is waiting for you during this CSGORoll summer event. From June 20th to August 1st, you get to enjoy everything we prepared for you.

Themed design

The first thing you will notice is that to get you in the summer mood, we have changed the website design to make it fun and themed. Make sure to wear sunglasses for the full immersion!

Beach Balls

Collect beach balls by playing any of the games available on CSGORoll and spend them on special cases at the lifeguard post.

Team Selection

You and your team will have to fight to collect as many beach balls as possible to secure a good position for the main prize. Your team's position will define which of the top 3 prizes you will compete for, so it's best to help them reach the main prize or they will bury you in the sand.

We also have a special reward for those who fight for their team. Starting on July 4th, the MVP of each team will be rewarded with an extra 5000 coins!

Jackpot worth of skins! The first Jackpot will take place on June 27th for 10.000 coins worth of skins total, it increases by 5000 coins every week, making the final week a big 100.000 coins Jackpot!

To participate, you must collect beach balls and spend them at the lifeguard post to earn tickets, once you have a ticket you are automatically participating! The prizes are distributed every Sunday during a stream after the staff games, the team you are part of will define which prizes you get the chance to win.

Weekly Staff games

Did you miss getting destroyed by our team? Or was it the other way around? Our famous 5 vs 5 games are back especially for this summer, be ready to play against the CSGORoll staff on disputed CS:GO matches. The winning team will receive a Navaja Knife | Doppler Phase 3 each on CSGORoll!

To guarantee your chance in the in-game events, you must be Level 20+ on CSGORoll and be part of our Discord group . On Discord, request the tag CSGORoll LVL 20 in the #event-tag-request channel by providing your website profile link and Steam ID64 that you can find here http://steamid.io/ , once you get the tag you are in with the chance of getting picked.

All the games are hosted on Faceit, so you can prepare in advance by registering your account , downloading the client , and installing the Anti-Cheat System .

Achievements (Coming Soon)

We are not joking, the 'coming soon' is finally going to happen. We will update you with more details when the time comes but here's a sneak peek:

I know, it's a lot but why are you still here looking at the chicken with a flower necklace? You better hurry and start working on collecting points for your team. Have fun!

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