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Well, buckle up, as Valve just released the new Anubis Collection! With BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major approaching, one thing that needed to be added is a set of new skins for an Anubis Souvenir Package, as this will be the first (and the last) CS:GO Major Event with Anubis in Map Pool, and it is now on sale in-game.

In this article, we will showcase the best gems from the new dazzling CS:GO skin collection, heavily inspired by ancient Egyptian culture and mythology. It’s treasure hunt time!

What is Anubis Collection Package?

On April 24, 2023, Valve released the Anubis Collection Package , which is a container that features nineteen CS:GO skins of different rarities, designs, and qualities. All weapon finishes that were added to this collection are themed around the aesthetics of Anubis. Among the skins from the new collection, there are:

  • 5 Consumer Grade Skins
  • 4 Industrial Grade Skins
  • 4 Mil-Spec Skins
  • 3 Restricted Skins
  • 2 Classified Skins
  • 1 Covert Skin

This case is a treasure trove of weapon finishes that embody the essence of Egypt’s ancient history, art, and lore. Each skin in the Anubis Collection pays homage to a unique aspect of Egyptian culture, including intricate hieroglyphics, majestic deities, and mesmerizing architectural feats.

M4A4 Eye of Horus, P90 ScaraB Rush, AK-47 Steel Delta

Other skins in the collection showcase the opulence of pharaohs, the mystique of the Nile, and the craftsmanship of ancient Egyptian artisans. With a palette dominated by gold, turquoise, and lapis lazuli, these skins evoke the grandeur and splendor of a long-lost civilization.

Let’s begin unlocking the secrets of the past in the overview of the best skins Anubis Collection Package has to offer the demanding CS:GO players.

MAG-7 | Copper Coated

“This was an accident, not a mistake…”

MAG-7 Copper Coated
  • Rarity: Mil-Spec
  • Finish Style: Gunsmith
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 1.00
  • Starting Price: $0.99

MAG-7 | Copper Coated is a Mil-Spec shotgun skin. It looks like the weapon was held under a stream of liquid copper, and the design also features gold-colored accents. Right now, Battle-Scarred variants of this skin sell for less than a dollar, and Factory New ones cost a bit over $5.

MAC-10 | Echoing Sand


MAC-10 Echoing Sand
  • Rarity: Industrial Grade
  • Finish Style: Custom Paint Job
  • Float Range: 0.02 to 0.80
  • Starting Price: $0.45

While MAC-10 | Echoing Sand is only an Industrial Grade skin, its looks are still captivating. The design is adorned with a dark wavy pattern resembling the sands of the desert, and individual components of the SMG are painted in a solid desert camouflage hue. The pricing of this finish starts at $0.45 for Battle-Scarred variants, and Factory New ones sell for $2.

AK-47 | Steel Delta

“Bleed between the lines.”

AK-47 Steel Delta
  • Rarity: Mil-Spec
  • Finish Style: Gunsmith
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 0.73
  • Starting Price: $2.99

If you are not into vibrant and dazzling colors, AK-47 | Steel Delta is just what you need to add a little flair to your inventory. The body of the assault rifle is covered in an engraved pattern that looks like grooves on a topographical map. The handle, the grip, and the buttstock are made of dark groove wood.

This Mil-Spec skin looks great in almost all conditions, and its pricing starts at $2.99. If you want your AK-47 | Steel Delta to look brand new, go for a Factory New variant that is worth $14.

AWP | Black Nile

“Bleed between the lines.”

AWP Black Nile
  • Rarity: Mil-Spec
  • Finish Style: Gunsmith
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 0.75
  • Starting Price: $7

Just like AK-47 | Steel Delta, AWP | Black Nile features a volumetric pattern resembling grooves on a topographical map. However, the pattern on the sniper rifle looks more massive. Currently, Battle-Scarred variants of this skin sell for a bit less than $7, and Factory New ones – for $24.

Glock-18 | Ramese’s Reach

“My people reach for their Gods, and I am here to connect them.”

Glock-18 Ramese's Reach
  • Rarity: Restricted
  • Finish Style: Custom Paint Job
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 1.00
  • Starting Price: $6.35

If you are looking for a realistic art masterpiece to add to your skin collection, pay attention to Glock-18 | Ramese’s Reach . This finish features a custom-painted landscape with The Nile River, the pyramids, and palmas on the slide, and Ramesses I with a red eye and lightened candles on the grip.

The cheapest variants of this skin are Battle-Scarred and Well-Worn ones, and they cost around $6.35. Minimal Wear skins sell for $19, and Factory New ones – for $55.

P90 | ScaraB Rush

“Resurrection requires death, and death requires rushing.”

P90 ScaraB Rush
  • Rarity: Restricted
  • Finish Style: Custom Paint Job
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 1.00
  • Starting Price: $4.95

Rushing B just got spicier with P90 | ScaraB Rush . This SMG skin features patterns of scarabs and Egyptian-inspired designs in a vibrant yet moderate color palette of gold, turquoise, and beige.

You can get a Battle-Scarred version of P90 | ScaraB Rush for around $5, a Minimal Wear one for $16, or a Factory new skin for $25.

Nova | Sobek’s Bite

“From the water comes chaos.”

Nova Sobek's Bite
  • Rarity: Restricted
  • Finish Style: 0.00 to 1.00
  • Float Range: Gunsmith
  • Starting Price: $4.99

Nova | Sobek’s Bite is rocking an Egyptian-styled geometrical design pattern featuring a black-and-gold color palette with desaturated red and turquoise accents. The skin is adorned with ancient hieroglyphs like The Eye of Horus. The price of this skin varies from $4.99 to $25.

FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys

“Water always wins.”

FAMAS Waters of Nephthys
  • Rarity: Classified
  • Finish Style: Custom Paint Job
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 0.70
  • Starting Price: $45

FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys is adorned with a custom-painted dappled pattern in various hues of blue. The pattern beautifully shifts as lighting conditions change when the weapon is being inspected. This skin is rather pricey, as it costs around $35 in Battle-Scarred condition, $115 in Minimal Wear condition, and $200 in Factory New.

P250 | Apep’s Curse

“In opposition of Ra.”

P250 Apep's Curse
  • Rarity: Classified
  • Finish Style: Gunsmith
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 1.00
  • Starting Price: $40

P250 | Apep’s Curse is a stunning skin from the newest additions. This custom paint job draws inspiration from traditional ancient Egyptian designs and materials. The color palette is mostly gold and dark brown, and it is adorned with captivating green and red. This pistol skin from the Anubis Collection Package is worth $40 in the worst condition and around $220 in the brand-new condition.

M4A4 | Eye of Horus

“Rise above the rest.”

M4A4 Eye of Horus
  • Rarity: Covert
  • Finish Style: Gunsmith
  • Float Range: 0.00 to 0.70
  • Starting Price: $325

M4A4 | Eye of Horus is an extremely mesmerizing finish, and it is the most expensive one from the new skin collection. This Covert skin features a white foundation, complemented by golden highlights, and showcases the custom-painted motif of an Egyptian falcon god, Horus.

If you want to get your hands on this skin, prepare at least $200, as this is the price of this skin in Battle-Scarred condition. Field-Tested versions cost $450, and Minimal Wear ones sell for $960. And if your budget is unlimited and you want a brand-new-looking finish for your M4A4, you can go all-in and get a Factory New M4A4 | Eye of Horus, which will cost you around $1,500.

How To Get Skins From the Anubis Collection?

Right now, the Anubis Collection Package is available for purchase to all CS:GO players. To obtain it, launch Counter-Strike Global Offensive and find the package in the Main Menu market tab.

The package costs $1.99, and you do not need to have a key to open an Anubis Collection Package. In addition, there is no restriction on the number of containers you can buy and open, meaning you can get as many as you wish.

It is likely that prior to the forthcoming BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major kick-off, a Viewer Pass will be released with souvenir packages, and the Anubis Collection will be among them. Apart from that, players will have the opportunity to redeem Event Coins from the Viewer’s Pass for this package.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a devoted collector, or simply a player who appreciates a unique visual flair, these Egyptian-inspired skins are sure to elevate your in-game experience.

Rock the ancient Egyptian vibe with the best skins from the newest Anubis Collection Package, and don’t forget to explore our blog for more articles and overviews of CS:GO skins and other cosmetics, in-depth game guides, and esports news. Stay tuned!

How much is Anubis Collection Package?

Anubis Collection Package costs $1.99, and you can buy it via the Main Menu of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You do not need a key to open these containers and claim skins from them.

What skins are in Anubis Collection Package?

Anubis Collection Package contains a total of 19 weapon finishes themed around Anubis, ancient Egyptian mythology, and culture. Some of the best skins from this collection are M4A4 | Eye of Horus, Glock-18 | Ramese’s Reach, and AWP | Black Nile.

How to get Anubis Collection Package?

To obtain the Anubis Collection Package, launch CS:GO and find the package in the market tab in the lower part of the Main Menu. There, you can buy it for $1.99.

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