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Do you get high from playing CS:GO, Dota or Rush, but get upset like a child when you open a case with items you don’t need? Now, these unpleasant sensations are in the past. Hellcase allows gamers to exchange unwanted game items for the items of their dreams. If you have enough game attributes that you would like to get rid of, this article is for you. We will consider the principle and the advantages of the “Trade up a contract” service from Hellcase.

What is Hellcase Trade Up Contract?

Trade up a contract is a service for users of the Hellcase platform that allows players to exchange unwanted game items for desired items. This service can be used by CS:GO, Dota, and Rush players. For a successful result, players need a little experience, luck, and of course enthusiasm for using new amazing items. In any case. Hellcase trade-up contract service is a great chance to diversify your inventory and get rid of unnecessary things.

How Does Trade Up Contract Work?

The Hellcase trade-up contract service works on the principle of a fair exchange. With this service, the player can exchange up to ten game items of one category for an item of a higher category. His choice is due to some probabilities. There are three modes of participation in the Hellcase trade-up contract service – Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each mode has its own financial limits, however, it allows users to get a more valuable item as a result of the exchange.

how does trade up contract work

In order to take part in the exchange of game items, you need to go to your personal Hellcase profile and find the “Contract” tab. Thanks to the colorful and clear design, you will quickly find the control panel for the item exchange process. Here you can select the desired mode and add the items you would like to exchange. Please note that the page has a switch for selecting items for three games: CS:GO, Dota, and Rush. When you select a game, you will have access to the attributes available in your inventory.

For the convenience of users, there is a kind of calculator on the page. You can track the cost of the items selected for the exchange and the cost of the item (cost range) that you will receive after the procedure of the Hellcase trade-up contract service is completed. The greater the total cost of the selected items, the more valuable new items users can get.

You can use a maximum of ten items to trade at a time, but you must select at least three items. In the easy mode, the minimum value of items should be $0,30 and the maximum value should be $1000. In the medium mode, the minimum value of items should be $0.60 and the maximum value should be $200. In the hard mode, the minimum price of items should reach $1, and the maximum price should be $400.

Is Trade Up Contact Worth It?

The Trade Up Contact service is Hellcase’s unique offering for players who value inventory order and individual style. The service is worth it to use, as you can get valuable skin without spending additional funds. Moreover, the maintenance of order in the inventory has a beneficial effect on the preparation for the game and its effectiveness. Let’s see how to trade up your CS:GO skins on Hellcase.

How To Trade Up Your CS:GO Skins On Hellcase?

For many CS:GO players, it is important to have valuable items in their inventory that will accurately demonstrate their playing style and capabilities in the game to the opponent. If you keep skins in your collection that you would like to exchange for more unique attributes, you should visit the Hellcase Contract tab . You can exchange up to ten items at a time. It is worth noting that the Trade Up Contract service allows the user to get a knife skin in exchange for unnecessary items. Hellcase introduced the opportunity to win a knife as part of the service on April 1, 2016. CS:GO players have a chance to get a knife when exchanging several skins. You just need to select game attributes and click on the “Sign contract” button.

A few seconds after signing the contract, a window opens with the name, cost, and image of the skin. The player can do several things:

  • take part in the signing of the contract.
  • sell skin.
  • go to the section with all items.
  • go to the “Upgrade” tab.

The “Upgrade” service provides users with a chance to increase the value of any CS:GO, Rush, or Dota item. The player can choose the item he would like to replace and the item he would like to receive as a result. In addition to the item, you can use the game balance. An important factor for the successful outcome is the choice of upgrade multiplier (RANDOM X, 1.5X, 2X, 5X, 10X). Success in this “game” depends on the chosen options and the luck of the user


Trade up a contract is a useful service from Hellcase, which is definitely worth a try for Rust, CS:GO, and Dota players . Its value is that it allows players to get a quality item while giving away items that are not important to the player. Plus, it’s a great way to save on inventory replenishment. We invite you to take advantage of the trade-up contract. You can use the FAQ and News tab to keep up-to-date information regarding Hellcase features.


How Do I Do Contracts On Hellcase?

This is a question that probably worries every CS:GO, Rush or Dota player who has heard about the opportunity to exchange unnecessary game attributes for valuable items. To sign an item exchange contract, you need to have a Hellcase profile and at least three items that you would like to exchange.

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