500k - Halloween Event 🎃

We have lined up a full month of treats for you, with no tricks. Look forward to encountering Jackpots, Leaderboard, CS2 Tournament, Especial Chat drops, and XP Boosts! Dive into the exciting offerings coming your way in our Halloween promotion from Oct 1st to 31st.

Halloween Theme

See anything unusual? At CSGORoll, we keep it spooky! Our Halloween-themed orange, green, and gooey aesthetics are sure to put you in the mood for the season.

350k Jackpot

You shouldn't miss this chance! Get entries by using the Pumpkins you receive from playing our games. Each Pumpkin can be used to open our special cases and that gives you a ticket for the Halloween Jackpot event of the week. You should try to collect as many Pumpkins as you can and use them before the weekly jackpot ends, once a new one starts, the tickets will reset.

Here's the breakdown for each week:

  • Week 1: Oct 8th - 50k - 50 winners
  • Week 2: Oct 15th - 75k - 100 winners
  • Week 3: Oct 22nd - 100k - 100 winners
  • Week 4: Oct 29th - 125k - 100 winners

By using your Pumpkins, you're automatically entered, and winners will be chosen during a live stream on our Twitch and Kick channels.

100K Pumpking Leaderboard

We're giving away a whopping 100k coins in this special leaderboard event. Between October 1st and 31st, the users who gather the most Pumpkins are in for a Halloween treat.

Those who excel at collecting the most Pumpkins during the event won't just increase their ticket count; they'll also earn coins for their dedication and time spent collecting.

Here's how the rewards will be split up among the top 10 participants:

  1. 50000 coins
  2. 25000 coins
  3. 11500 coins
  4. 6000 coins
  5. 3000 coins
  6. 1500 coins
  7. 1000 coins
  8. 750 coins
  9. 750 coins
  10. 500 coins

CS2 Halloween Tournament

We're stepping into a new era, and what better way to kick it off than with a tournament right away! We're taking our classic "Community vs. Staff" setup to the next level, featuring a generous prize pool of 50k coins. Join us live to witness 16 teams, each composed of community-selected players and staff members, battling it out in thrilling 5v5 CS2 matches, all looking for the top prize in our tournament!

To get in on the action, simply show your interest by participating in one of our open polls happening from September 28th to October 1st; make sure to register your interest now. Our team will carefully select participants and reach out to them for additional details to form the teams. Therefore, it's crucial to have a valid email listed in your CSGORoll profile and to be available on all the scheduled game dates. Your active participation could lead to an unforgettable experience with our community and staff.

All the games are hosted on Faceit, so you can prepare in advance by registering your account , downloading the client , and installing the Anti-Cheat System .

  • Week 1: Knockout: 1st Knockout Oct 7th & 2nd Knockout Oct 8th
  • Week 2: Quarterfinals: Sat 14th & Sunday 15th
  • Week 3: Semi-Finals: Sunday, Oct 22nd
  • Week 4: Grand Final: Sunday, Oct 29th

Ancient Gaming
Stabbed with Spaghetti
Full Tilt
@[HTG] beNji
Tactical Titans
Task Force
Fearless Five

Enchanted Pumpkins

Keep your eyes on these spooky little guys! Unique cases are available for those who manage to collect our rare Enchanted Pumpkins during the event. One Enchanted Pumpkin is worth around 500 normal pumpkins, so there's all to play for!

Our Enchanted Pumpkins may be obtained from:

  • Weekly Jackpot prizes;
  • Enchanted Pumpkin drop parties in the chat;
  • Giveaways during our weekly live streams.

Make sure to follow our Twitter , join the Discord server and our streaming channels on Twitch and Kick not to miss any drop!

Progress bar

For the entire duration of our Halloween event, the games played on CSGORoll will lead to a chance for extra Pumpkins. When the bar is full, it will trigger the next drop of Enchanted Pumpkins in the chat for 10 lucky users to benefit from.

XP Boosts

The promotion you have so much waited for has returned! Stay tuned on our Twitter and Discord to ensure you don't miss any of our XP boosts that will be temporarily activated randomly at any time throughout the event duration and announced there.

Join CSGORoll.com , or else Witch Red might magically transform your entire inventory into default skins!

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