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Do you dream about replenishing your inventory with a new CS:GO skin? giveaways are a new, fun way to get valuable skin without putting in a lot of effort.

If you are ready to plunge into the world of giveaway competition, then let’s take a look at the biggest Hellcase Gleam giveaways, which will surely please you with possible prizes.

What is Hellcase giveaway on Gleam?

This is a giveaway created for Hellcase users based on the Gleam service. giveaway participants can receive valuable gifts. There is a separate prize for each category of winners. If you are interested in exciting CS:GO skin giveaways then this offer is definitely for you. So, how does Hellcase Gleam giveaway work? Let’s figure it out.

You can find the current giveaway in the “giveaway” tab on the Hellcase website. In the central part of the page, there is a block with the giveaway’s cover, a list of tasks that must be completed to participate in the CS:GO giveaway, as well as the number of entries and the validity period of the event.

In the background, to the left and right of the block, there is a list of prizes that the winners can receive. There are first and second places, as well as other prize categories. For example, you can get prizes if you were in the 3-17th place, 18-20th place, 21-40th place, and so on.

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How Does Hellcase Gleam giveaway Work?

giveaway participants have access to both easy and more difficult tasks. Some tasks may require the use of a balance, while others are completely free.

It is worth noting that each giveaway has its own tasks and they do not have to be the same. In addition, a participant needs to log in to the giveaway page via email, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, or Twitter.

Now, let’s look at the main tasks for the participants of the giveaways.

  • “Read it before open cases” . This is the simplest task, which costs 1 entry. This is an instruction that users should read before performing other tasks.
  • “Open a case” . This task always includes an offer to open 6 cases from the event category.
  • “Read the letter from Hellcase . This task involves signing up for the newsletter from Hellcase. The participant needs to enter their name and email. This task is available to both subscribed and non-subscribed users.
  • “Visit our Lovespace” . The user needs to visit the “Lovespace” page, confirm the action, and get the entries.

Most of the other tasks are effortless. For example, a user just needs to visit a page or share a link on social networks, subscribe to an account on social networks, and invite friends.

How Often do the giveaway Update?

The giveaway lasts from 7 to 30 days. Hellcase users can how much time is left for the giveaway by looking at the timer on the event page. Hellcase Gleam giveaways that are just about to launch also have a timer.

The giveaways are limited in time because they are dedicated to specific seasonal events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the beginning of spring , etc.

How do You Get Entries & Why do You Need Them?

Entries are points that the user receives for completing the tasks required to participate in the Hellcase giveaways . Each task has its own cost in entries. A player can check their balance on the giveaway page in the “Entries” field, which is located below the Hellcase logo on the left side of the block.

The player can find out the cost of a task in entries before it is completed. The cost is indicated next to the task in the form of a designation (+5, +1, +10).

Important Requirements to Consider before Doing “Tasks” for Entries!

Now that you know how the Hellcase Gleam giveaway works let’s look at an important nuance that you should take into account when completing tasks.

To complete a task with a case, the user needs to click on the “Open this case” button and purchase the case on the open page. The user will receive entries after the case opening animation plays. If the user simply opens the specified case on the site without using the Gleam link, they will not receive entries.

How Does Winner Selection Work?

The number of entries affects the probability of winning. However, there is no leaderboard where the participant with the most entries wins the first prize, the contestant with fewer entries wins the second prize, and the user with even fewer entries wins the third prize.

The determination of the winners is carried out randomly, taking into account the user’s activity in obtaining entries. Therefore, with active participation in giveaways, the player has a real chance of becoming a winner more than once.

Scammers Should Watch Out: Cheating Prevention

We make every attempt to avoid scams such as bots, spam, and false contest accounts. As a result, participants are not permitted to use more than one account to boost their chances of winning the giveaway. Despite the fact that the user can see the accumulation of entries in fake accounts, only the initial user account will be entered into the draw.

When & How Do You Get Your giveaways/Prizes?

We determine the winners within three hours after the end of the giveaway and within six hours after the end of the giveaway, all winners will receive an email with congratulations and an information request.

Winners need to sign up for Hellcase to claim their prize. If the prize is a CS:GO, Rust, or Dota 2 skin, then the winner will have access to it through his Hellcase account.

If your prize is a case or a premium subscription , then you will receive it in the form of a promotional code.

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To Wrap Up!

CS:GO skin giveaways from Hellcase are an attractive opportunity to get a valuable item without any effort or expense. You can also enjoy valuable gifts in the form of skins, balance replenishment, and war tags from “ Daily Free ” and “ User giveaways ” features.

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