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Many CS:GO players admire the beauty of one of the most valuable and expensive AWP skins in the history of the game – Dragon Lore. We’re also crazy about it, and that’s why we’ve prepared a new Dropland in the style of Dragon Lore for you to enjoy.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate, because all the drop-in packs come with an 8% discount!

Meanwhile, let us show you all the goodies that we have packed in the Dragon Lore Dropland.

What is Dragon Lore Dropland?

Dragon Lore Dropland is an attractive offer for CS:GO fans who want to replenish their inventory with a new skin or open some unique Hellcase cases at a bargain price.

The feature has a colorful design, reminiscent of a treasure map. You have access to 8 packs, decorated with the image of dragons. Each one can include cases and skins. You can view the contents of the pack before purchase.

Dropland packs are available to every registered Hellcase user. You have seven days to purchase the desired pack, after which new offers will be available. For your convenience, Dropland has a timer, so you can track the start and end dates of Dragon Lore Dropland and other offers.

Looks quite attractive, right? Well, apart from being attractive, it is also worth every penny you spend on it.

Why is Dragon Lore Dropland Worth it?

Dragon Lore Dropland is an incredible opportunity to diversify your inventory with new items at an affordable price. If you are bored with the traditional purchase of in-game items with the overpayment, don’t miss this opportunity. Each pack contains from five to ten items, including cases and skins.

How do the Packs Work?

Dragon Lore Dropland is an opportunity to choose CS:GO game items that will inspire you to new achievements. The content of each pack is only valid for a week. After making a purchase, you can use the items in the traditional way, including decorating weapon skins with stickers. You can sell the skin at a better price at any time. Among the available packs:

  • Smaug
  • Pedragon
  • Onyx Itsel
  • Raiden
  • Aiden
  • King of Gold
  • Typhon
  • Darksmoke

How to Obtain Gained Items?

Purchasing Dragon Lore Dropland packs is fairly straightforward. After the transaction is completed, you need to open your profile and find the “Items” tab for skins & “Cases” tab for cases. Here you can see all the cases and skins received as part of Dragon Lore Dropland. You should withdraw the skins and open cases.

What CS:GO Skins Can be Dropped Here?

Dragon Lore Dropland contains skins for various types of weapons, including USP-S, AK-47, M4A1-S, as well as cases with interesting items. If you’re building a collection of certain skins or picking up items that resonate with you in meaning and design, then you should definitely check out Dragon Lore Dropland.

For example, in the Smaug pack, you can find the M4A4 | Tooth Fairy. The item has a complex, colorful design that perfectly matches the power of the weapon. The body of the rifle is painted in light shades of green, red, and beige. The central part of the weapon is decorated with a beautiful image of the Tooth Fairy in golden color.

The design has many small details in the form of inscriptions, insects, and human teeth. The item has a Classified rarity, you can use the skin in all existing exteriors, including those with a StatTrak counter.

Now, let’s look at the contents and cost of each Dragon Lore Dropland packs in more detail.

More on the Skins & Cases in Dragon Lore Dropland?

Each pack on the Dragon Lore Dropland map has its own cost. The cheapest pack costs $6 and consists of five unique cases from Hellcase, including Milspec, GLOCK-18, Rainbow, Global CS:GO, Dreams & Nightmares. This is the only Dropland pack that doesn’t have a skin.

The most expensive pack is King of Gold. Its cost is $238. The pack includes five cases, including Premium, Dream, Killjoy, Riptide Tiger, Eternal, as well as the AWP | Chromatic Aberration skin.

Please note that the packs are getting an update every week that can change the items contained in it as well as the price for the pack.

Also among the budget packs: Darksmoke, Raiden, Smaug.

The cost of Darksmoke is $9. It consists of four cases, including Falchion, Red Case, Capsule 2, and Recoil. Moreover, you can get such incredible skin as AK-47 | Uncharted .

The cost of Raiden is 13$. It consists of Falchion, Red Case, Capsule 2, and Recoil cases. In addition, there is a USP-S | Cortex skin with a Classified rarity.

The cost of the Smaug pack reaches 21$. It offers Classified, USP-S Case, Beast, Dragon, Undercover cases, and the M4A4 | Tooth Fairy skin.

There are three packs from the middle price category.

The price of the Onyx Itsel pack is $37. It includes cases from Hellcase such as Covert, AK-47 Case, Gamma 2, Knife Life, Riptide Stickers, as well as the M4A1-S | Lead Glass skin.

The Typhon pack has a price tag of $58. It includes six cases (StatTrak, Riptide Collections, Black Panther, Recoil, Quarter Billion, 日本語) and one skin ( Desert Eagle | Conspiracy ).

And finally, the last pack is Pedragon, which costs $139. It includes four cases (Hardened, Premium, Riptide Tiger, Dauntless) and one rifle skin ( AK-47 | Legion of Anubis ).

Wrapping Up!

Dragon Lore Dropland is a win-win opportunity to improve your gaming experience. We are pleased to offer you unique in-game items because you will surely find amazing uses for them. Follow our blog and don’t miss new updates!

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