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Becoming a better smith is a calling any adventurer longs for. Your training in the smitheries of Alluris were just the beginning for you. Clear out your workshop and build the forge of your dreams. Mastering new weapons, materials, gems, and enchantments will make your customers happy and allow you to excel in the mines!

The Corbots once served as the helpers to the ancient dwarves that lived beneath Port Pleasant. It’s said they were responsible for keeping the eternal forges lit in the Heart of the Mountain. Unfortunately, the knowledge of Corbots was lost to the world of Alluria long ago. Hopefully, someday they will awake to help dwarves once again. For now, they are just a folk tale that few believe.

Port Pleasant is an energetic, albeit quaint, town nestled into a large mountain range. It was once a bustling mining town until the mines ran into metals they couldn’t excavate and the remaining valuable resources were quickly exhausted. It survives as a small trading port for various obscure resources from foreign lands. Although the town belongs to the King of Alluris it is presided over by Martin; the town’s mayor.

The mines under Port Pleasant offer a challenge for even the most ambitious adventurers. Some of the greatest weapons and tools are made from resources few dare to gather. Clearing out the Ashen Mines and uncovering its resources can be crucial to helping the town grow and thrive.

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